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  From the Chairman’s Desk

Mr. S.K. Singhal

Development and prosperity of any country is based on it's cultural ethics values, technical skills and creativity of youths and effective use of this creativity for the country. Not only effective utilization of human resources but also economical and social background of the citizens plays a key role in the progress of the country.

After 60 years of freedom, we have great achievements in the field of technology; still we are counted in developing countries. A From the Chairman’s Desk Mr. S.K. Singhal Chairman large part of the population live below the poverty line because of poverty and illiteracy. Also they are not capable to avail the profit of the health and economical development schemes.

A large numbers of youth are unable to contribute in the development of the country due to their illiteracy, poverty and absence of vocational training. For such youths, providing them vocational training & making them self dependent, we set up a charitable society which is fully devoted to develop such kind of youths. The purpose of this society is to develop mentally, physically and technically strong Youths, so that they can contribute in the growth of the country and can merge themselves with the main stream of the fast growing society.

The main object of setting up this society is to make the youth technically and economically strong, so that they can live independently in the society with self respect. With this holy purpose, this institution is devoted in the extreme
service of society and the nation.

   From the Director’s Desk

Dr. Pradeep Kumar
"The need is for a new cadre of professionals, capable of understanding the force of global competition. KITI’s vision of dynamism holds the key to a prosperous tomorrow."

Over the years, concept of vocational training, be it of an institution or of a business establishment has received a make over. Vocational training is no longer a profit-maximsing tool to be manipulated for the benefit of a few, but an aspect of Social
Responsibility and a form of “leadership” which create a conductive and innovative environment for the upliftment of the society and themselves.

Kalco industrial training institute has been establish with the sharp focus on the holistic development of the students. It structured to develop into a centre of excellence that aims at grooming the future vocational leaders of the nation, confident and competent professionals who are capable of fruitfully contributing to the concept of vocational training. KITI is already working to uncover the finest quality of each student and reinforce by instilling honesty, dedication and social justice.

The need for every vocational training school is to create a cadre of vocational professionals capable of understanding the new force of global business environment. KITI’S vision of dynamism and drive hold the key to a more prosperous tomorrow. It is a matter of immense pleasure to shape up the students for a better future.

We are sure that they will prove to be an asset to the organizations they join. It is our incessant endeavor to foster the values of teamwork and integrity among all. Come……..let us welcome the new generation of leaders who will build a prosperous new world.
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